Grow awareness and minimise your cost of new user acquisition. 

Let our trusted partners market your products and services and pay on results. Our data-driven solution minimises fraud and maximises ROI for marketing spend. 

We are the world’s only dedicated performance marketing network for blockchain, DLT and Fintech companies. 


 Reduces costs of acquisition

The traditional way of marketing your products and services means that you adopt all of the risk. Costs can spiral (especially on paid advertisements on Google and Social Media) where costs are on a per click basis, with no guarantee of conversion. Using BlocRush means that you only pay when a user fulfils an action (or set of actions).

 Track, test, tweak...

You can keep a track of everything‚Ķ from user behaviour, channel and segmented reach, and spending & ROI. With unrivalled analytics, you can get granular level analysis on what works and what doesn’t and respond accordingly. 

 Clean data

Advanced validation, de-duplication and suppression files ensure you only pay for acquisitions which meet your specified criteria (for example by geography, age range etc). 

 Fully managed

We manage all aspects of the solution, meaning you can focus on growing your business instead of managing a self-service solution. 

 Secure & Compliant

Our data infrastructure is built using advanced AWS architecture with 100% encryption for total security, and GDPR level data compliance. 

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